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Pixelden is a small but personal design company with a passion for assisting small businesses in improving the quality of their online footprint. We do this by means of website design, social media integration and brand development to increase authority and recognition both online and offline.

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Wordpress website design

Pixelden offers premium WordPress website design and hosting for businesses of all sizes. Our Wordpress websites boast a beautiful premium theme and are cram-packed with features and plugins to provide your business with all it needs. The hosting we provide is specially designed to get the most out of your Wordpress website.


It's about what you want, not what we want:

Once-off website design

Our once-off Wordpress website design option is perfect for those that are looking for a website built for their product or service with no additional services. This will be great if you already have a professional hosting service that offers WordPress specific hosting and if you would like to perform website updated and maintenance in house. Our very own hosting includes all the required features to keep your website secure, backed up and updated.

Managed website design

Our managed Wordpress website design option includes all the required features to keep your website secure, backed up and updated. This services also monthly blog posts with authoritative content that will boost your brand's authority in Google's eyes. Each blog post is also setup for AMP along with all of the necessary Schema tags. All managed Wordpress websites are hosted and monitored on our secure servers.


Pro Wix website design 

Wix is a powerful website builder that allows you to build your own website either for free or with one of their premium upgrades. Pixelden can assist in creating a professional Wix website for you, with our extensive knowledge of online marketing & user experience we can transform your standard website into something special. 


Once-off website design

If you would for Pixelden to assist in creating your professional Wix website but would like to take care of the rest your self then this options is ideal for you. We will create the website for you and you can deal directly with Wix based on the package you would like for hosting your site.

Choose what suits your needs & pocket:

Managed website design

The managed Wix website design option is great if you would like Pixelden to take care of everything for you. We will create your professional Wix website, choose the best possible plan for the requirements of your website and maintain the website for you.


Social content creation

So your business is on Facebook, now what? Your Facebook page needs some content to draw in a few loyal followers. Your followers love your brand so you need to keep them engaged by providing visually superior content. That is where Pixelden comes in to play, all of this is rather time-consuming let us assist by creating beautifully engaging content for your Facebook page.


Choose what works for you, we are here to help:

Content design & post

Pixelden can assist you by creating beautiful content and posting it to your Facebook page. This option is rather flexible - we can create content either on a weekly or monthly basis, we do however not make contact with people via your Facebook page, that will form part of our fully managed service.

Fully Managed Social

Our fully-managed social option is simply that, we will create and post beautiful content to your Facebook page and manage all questions and queries that come through your Facebook page. We can create daily, weekly or monthly content for your Facebook page assist you with boosting your posts to the best possible targeted audience.


Still hungry for more?

Pixelden has a ton of extra's to offer if you would like to expand on any of our existing options. Our extra's included everything from professional Gsuite account creation & setup, ongoing email marketing campaigns, regular blog postings and if you would like to add new content on a regular basis then we can assist with our month to month addidtions.


Blog Posts to boost brands authority

The addition of professionally written blog posts can greatly enhance your authority in Googles eyes when it comes to ranking your website. We can assist with either weekly or monthly blog copywriting, this will include a featured image, amp & schema configurations with social media & email campaign sharing.

We can assist with a few

extras if you are interested

Email campaigns to stay in touch

Maintaining contact with your visitors are essential, that is why we run email campaigns, to share important information with them. This information can include things link - Latest news, current promotions, company detail changes and so forth.

Professional business email accounts

Pixelden unfortunately does not host email accounts, however, we do assist in setting up professional email accounts through Gsuite. Gsuite is not just an email account from google, you receive some amazing features for your business. We always try to recommend tried and test services that we found to be amazing.

Month to month additions, keep it fresh.

Month to month additions simply put is where will assist with adding, layout and designing new content that you would like to add to your website. This is usually - New events, galleries, downloadable content, members-only content and so forth/ Pretty much any additional content that you would like to be displayed in a professional manner on your website.


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