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4 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve The Success Of Your WordPress Website

A WordPress website is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly ways for businesses to enjoy the benefits of the internet. The diverse range of features, design themes and plugins available for WordPress make it possible for any small business to live large on the World Wide Web. What should you focus on to get the most from your WordPress site?

Here are our 4 sure-fire tips to help you make the best WordPress choices & reap the most benefits from them:

1. Focus on your customer experience

A successful WordPress site is a site that offers a great customer experience. User-friendly navigation, a visually pleasing design and great content all contribute to reaching this goal. Content has to be engaging, informative and relevant in order for customers to get to know and understand your brand. Although a lot of the customer experience can be implemented as a once-off approach, there are on-going things you can do to encourage further engagement. A monthly blog or vlog, is just one way you can get people to frequent your site. Remember, consistency is key!

2. Focus on speed

Although site speed can be included in our previous point, it is so important that we want to single it out. Nobody wants to wait for a site to download. On the internet, where competition is so fierce, first impressions are so important. A speedy site is absolutely essential. How can you improve your site’s speed? Good hosting, a caching plugin, smaller image sizes and an optimised homepage can help considerably.

3. Focus on optimisation

A successful WordPress site is one that can be found and indexed successfully by search engines. You should therefore focus a lot of time and energy on optimising your content (copy and images). Make sure your images are named correctly, and that your copy contains the keywords you want to rank for.

4. Focus on specific plugins

The vast number of plugins available makes it so easy for your WordPress site to function optimally. While being spoilt for choice is a great advantage, it can also be a company’s greatest challenge. What to choose?

Research plugins and read reviews before you choose. Plugins that will make your WordPress site work harder for you include a plugin to help you grow your database, improve SEO, assist with page loading speed (caching plugin), e-commerce, a form plugin etc.

At Pixelden our team of experts can help you make the most of your WordPress site. From designing, creating and optimising content for it to managing your plugins and sending traffic to your site through Google Adwords – we can do it all. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

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