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5 Reasons to consider a website redesign in 2018

Once you have a website in place, you can let it work its magic for years and years. It will simply remain effective forever, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although a website will work well for multiple years, things change and evolve, and if you want your company to remain effective online, your website should adapt too.

Although there are plenty of reasons to update your website, here are some of the most critical reasons to change:

1. Your current website was built a decade ago

In the world of website functionality, time works in dog years. So much can change in a single year that after 10 of them your website is most definitely out of date, out of style and perhaps also out of luck when it comes to gaining new online leads. Over the past few years, online security has become a major threat and sites need added security to protect them from hacking. Another massive change over the last decade is the rise of mobile devices. Sites need to be responsive in order to function properly when viewed on tablets, mobile phones etc. If your site isn’t responsive you are losing out on a massive slice of the online cake.

2. Your current website doesn’t reflect your brand anymore

Your brand should tell the same story everywhere from the in-store displays you use to the street pole ads and eflyers you send out. Naturally, your website should also reflect the image you want to portray. If it isn’t get it amended ASAP.

3. Your current website is an embarrassment

Your website should be your business’ most effective online marketing tool. The place you send all potential leads to in order to woo and convert them into the loyal customers you want them to be. But if you are too embarrassed to use your out-dated, eyesore of a site you are losing out on hundreds, even thousands of potential customers.

4. Your current website isn’t optimised for search engines

Search engine optimisation isn’t just a matter of ensuring your website copy is optimised. Your entire website, its design and functionality should be search engine friendly so that search engines can send more organic traffic your way. A website design studio can help you adhere to all the requirements.

5. Your current website doesn’t support your marketing goals

If your marketing goals for the year include a blog, social media threads, Google Adwords, newsletter subscriptions etc. but your website doesn’t support it, get a quote for a redesign.

At PixelDen, we want your website to be your company’s mascot. Talk to us about the design and functionality you are after.

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