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5 Reasons your website might not be ranking

If you have a business, having a website is non-negotiable. And when it comes to business having a website that ranks well in search engines such as Google, makes, well, business-sense. There are many reasons why a website does poorly in search engine rankings, here our Top 5 reasons:

1. Your website is new

Although search engines will crawl and index a new site within a few weeks, ranking, unfortunately, takes far longer. So if your site is new it will take a few months to rank for specific keywords.

Solution: Wait it out. If after three months you are still not ranking, there is another problem.

2. Your website isn’t utilising SEO tactics effectively or correctly

From keywords, to meta descriptions and title tags, there are a number of search engine optimisation tactics that can help search engines index your page accurately. However, if you are not using these effectively or correctly, it can affect your ranking.

Solution: Get an SEO expert to review and update your website.

3. Your website content is lacking

Too little website content or weak content can drastically affect your ranking. With good quality content on your website search engines can better index your site, which will directly improve your ranking. What qualifies as good content? Unique, relevant and informative content that is aimed at improving the user experience of humans. Good content will not only boost your ranking but also encourage natural shares etc. from visitors, which will in turn unfold further benefits for your ranking.

Solution: Write fresh copy or employ a copywriter to do it for you. Content also refers to images and videos, so get professional help in if you need it.

4. Your website is out-dated or dormant

An out-dated or dormant website could also be behind your ranking issues. With an out-dated website you are not benefitting from social media, blogs, and other technological advancements. And by not adding new content to your site through a blog, new products etc. you aren’t giving visitors or search engines more reasons to visit your site. All of these affect your ranking.

Solution: Invest in a website redesign and add new content frequently.

5. Your website is not compatible for mobile

With 40% of the 16-million smartphone users in SA using their phones to browse the internet it is understandable why search engines favour websites that are compatible for mobile too. If yours isn’t compatible you are missing out on increased traffic.

Solution: Get a web specialist to make your site compatible for mobile as soon as possible.

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