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6 Creative Marketing Trends That Will Fuel 2017

With the digital age constantly transforming, it's difficult to keep up with all the trends.

2017 is no different. This year there are heaps of new marketing trends that will boost your business. Don't miss out on these new creative marketing trends. We're covering six of them that will fuel 2017.

1. Promotion through contests

Who doesn't love a freebie? You can increase sales by having your customers join in on some fun.

Some types of contests include:

Photo contests - Have your customers post photos of them using your product in fun ways. They can then share the post on to your page or their own. The best photo wins!

Voting polls - Creating a poll for your business is a cheap way to engage your customers and gather important data. Plus, it only takes a quick click of a button, so you're bound to get tons of answers.

Caption a photo - Post a fun photo of your product and have your customers create a caption. Offer an exciting prize for the best caption, or have other customers vote on the best!

Subscribe to win - If you're trying to get more email addresses in your little black book, then host a contest that forces customers to provide their emails. All they have to do is subscribe to your page or email newsletters.

2. Share your social media pages

Chances are your customers will find you on social media if you're active. But if you're trying to reign in more followers outside of the internet, there are some easy ways to do this through creative marketing.

Add your Twitter and Facebook pages to your business cards, brand's website, and marketing materials. This way, your customers will know where they can find all your updated information.

3. Add infographics

Customers are a visual group. It's often easier to skim through a graphic than it is to read a long blog post. So make sure that you're incorporating infographics to your website and blogs.

The infographic is also a great way to showcase facts and statistics that will show you're an expert in your industry.

4. Create some memes

An excellent way to show that your business is keeping up with the creative marketing trends is by creating your own memes. Memes are everywhere on the internet and social media, so why not join in on the fun?

There are tons of meme generators that you can find online. Being creative doesn't have to be difficult!

5. Host webinars

If you're able to provide your consumers with vital information, why not share it via a webinar? These can be free, short clips that will allow you to share all your knowledge. They're also perfect for educating your customers on your product or industry.

6. Show your mutual passions

More and more consumers are choosing brands they can identify with. So the days of marketing towards a specific demographic, age, or gender no longer gets the best results. You want to make sure that you're connecting on shared passions, such as family or causes.

If you can connect directly with your audience, your brand will be better for it.

Creative marketing can boost your brand

When you're working with your marketing team, you should always think outside the box. Trends in the marketing world are constantly changing, so you have to keep up.

If you're trying to grow your brand and need some help, reach out to us today to see how we can help!

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