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Benefits of live chat software on your website

What is live chat software, and how is it different from chat bots?

Live chat software is a type of website application that allows call-centre agents (sales, support and/or administrative teams) to deal with queries from website visitors in real-time. In other words, real humans chatting to other humans. Chat bots on the other hand are software systems that have been automated to respond to various types of questions in a number of appropriate responses. In a business that deals with a vast number of queries there is a place for both. Let’s look at live chat first.

Here are our top reasons to use live chat software on your business website:

1. It can help you impress impatient customers

Society has grown accustomed to speed in most aspects of their daily lives. And because competition is fierce, a delayed response could potentially cost you a client. A live chat programme is a way to give your customers the instant answers are looking for.

2. It provides your customers with a more personal experience

Although email and the telephone are one-to-one mediums, the personal conversation aspect isn’t always there. With a live chat app there is a name and a face to the person you are corresponding with, and conversations do not need to be as formal. Personal conversations help to build trust. And it is this trust that will help your staff acquire more information regarding a customer’s exact needs, which will allow them to make more appropriate sales suggestions.

3. It saves time & money

It is impossible to speak to more than one customer on the telephone at the same time. However, with a live chat programme installed, your call-centre or support agents can successfully chat to multiple leads at the same time. Every chat dealt with in real-time is one less to follow-up later. Following up equals back and forth emails or telephone calls, of which the latter is 50% more expensive.

4. It can help you improve your marketing approach

Due to the personal nature of one-to-one live chats, transcriptions can be used as valuable Voice of Customer (VOC) data. VOC data can allow a company to improve their website content (as well as any other marketing efforts) so as to address FAQs and customer fears better.

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