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Choosing the Right Web Design Services for You

The first question you need to answer speaks to your expectations and your working style.

Choosing whether to work with an agency or freelancer can define the process behind how your new website is designed. If you're looking to work with a larger team that might incorporate multiple styles and experiences, an agency might be the right call. On the flip side, a freelancer can often offer high levels of skill, for a lower price, though without the benefit of a team at their side.

Specific Technical Expertise

You've decided whether you want to work with a solo designer or a team. The next decision you have to focus on is whether or not you're looking for any specific skills.

To make your website an asset, you might need your web designer to know a certain coding language or have a specific skillset.

The best way to find out if you're on the right track is to ask to see a portfolio. Look for similar web design elements to those you seek and see how the designer solved issues.

Industry Experience

We mentioned portfolios when discussing the previous question. They'll come into play here, too, as you consider what industries your prospective designers have worked with.

Why does industry experience matter? Because website design conveys ideas and you want those ideas to be in line with your industry. Everything from the color to the font, to the layout, can be custom-fitted to your industry to convey your own expertise. Pour over portfolios of designers you might want to work with and see who has the most industry-specific experience.

The Host with the Most

Why should it matter who hosts your website?

If your web designer hosts it, then problems can usually be solved more quickly and with less fuss. If you end up working with a freelancer, this option may not be possible. In that case, find out who will be hosting your website and make sure that both you and your web designer have full access. Design accounts for 94% of first impressions. Don't miss out on your chance to make the right first impression. Choose the right web design services for you, and be sure to get in touch with us so when can discuss your design needs.

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