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Here’s why your out-dated website can harm your business

A website is your business’ online representative. And unfortunately life online is tough. Competition is fierce and first impressions matter. That’s why your website needs to hold its own. It needs to look good and function as an up-to-date “Rep”. If it isn’t doing its job, it is doing more harm than good, and here’s why:

1. It affects your credibility

An out-dated website can make you appear out of touch with what’s trendy, which could reflect poorly on your products and services. Customers might not only question your products’ relevance but also your ability to cater to their unique needs. In addition to this it could also create the perception that you don’t care.

2. It can cost you potential customers

Out-dated websites often have out-dated information and lacking product imagery. They also have multiple navigational issues, requiring several clicks before a visitor would likely find what they are looking for. Customers have become accustomed to quick and pain free searches. Answers to the questions they seek should be obtained hassle free in a matter of minutes. If they cannot easily find what they are looking for they won’t take the time to enquire. Instead, they will leave your website to browse another site that provides more information on the product or service they are researching.

3. It affects your ranking on Google

Out-dated websites are not search engine friendly, which means search engines like Google won’t crawl your website frequently, neither will it be able to index it correctly. As a result your website will rank very poorly.

4. It stunts your website’s potential

These days websites can make use of web technology such as plugins in order to make a website work harder for the company. With web plugins your website can help your business: Sell your products online through e-commerce and cataloguesEngage with customers through social mediaCapture leads through online forms And so much more…

5. It causes you to miss out on mobile traffic

An old site won’t be compatible for mobile, which means people accessing the internet via their smartphones will struggle to view your website comfortably. And with over 60% of South African internet users using their phones to surf the net it is easy to see why it is so important to have a website that is compatible.

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