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How Digital Video Production Impacts Your SEO

Video content is the hottest trend online right now, and you don't want to miss out. Read on to learn how good digital video production can boost your SEO. Are you avoiding digital video production for your product or services because it's "too much trouble?" 73% of your visitors didn't purchase from you because you didn't have one.Too much trouble now?

With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and video conversion numbers are through the roof, you can't afford to not to use video in your business.

Even without direct marketing campaigns, the use of digital video production will skyrocket your SEO efforts. In fact, if you have a single video on your web page, your site is 53 times more likely to show on the first page of Google. There really isn't any excuse not to make video part of your SEO and marketing strategies.

1. Engagement

First off, a video is a great way to get your audience engaged with you. Text is nice, and pictures are nice, but neither can do what a video can do. Videos allow you to convey pictures, text, and music all at the same time. For the same reason people have been staring at movie screens for over 100 years, people like to watch stuff. Google sees all of this.

People stick around longer on your page, they share your content more often, and they want to learn more about your business.

2. Education

Being able to educate your audience through digital video production is the next major SEO benefit. You've got an engaged audience at your disposal, now is the time to tell them why they should do business with you. Sure, they could read your blog posts and FAQ pages, but nothing conveys more information in a short amount of time than a video. Once people have a good grasp of what you're offering, conversions are the next logical step.

3. Conversions

As stated before, 73% of your visitors are more likely to buy your product or services... just from watching a video. Can you tell me any other marketing or SEO tactic that has that kind of conversion rate? Neither can I. Even though it may not be obvious, Google gets a good idea of whether a conversion happens or not on your site. With such a high conversion rate, not only are you massively increasing your ROI from this SEO strategy, but Google will continue to reward you with higher rankings. It's a win-win situation.

4. Brand Awareness

Finally, videos are a fantastic way to build brand awareness. Even if your video isn't geared for conversions, a memorable video showcasing your business will leave a long and lasting impression on all who watch it. Use colours, logos, and slogans that your business uses.

Your viewers will be engaged and ultimately convert when they remember your brand.

Digital Video Production Wrap Up

How does this all boost your overall SEO? Because video has such powerful user engagement, all of the metrics Google measures will skyrocket. On-page time, click through rate, social sharing, conversion rate... these all blend together to tell Google how valuable your page is. Video proves to Google that people like your page and your product.

That's really all Google wants in a nutshell, and your SEO efforts will be handsomely rewarded... all because of good digital video production. There's no reason not to use video in your SEO strategies. Get in touch with us to find out how we can boost your business.

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