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How to get your WordPress website to rank better on Google

If your WordPress website isn’t ranking well on Google, it will attract less organic traffic for your company. This means less leads and sales, which is not good for business. Try our three top ways to improve your WordPress site’s overall ranking:

1. Focus on original, value-adding content

Google loves original content that is aimed at adding value to website visitors’ experience. Helpful blogs, videos, tutorials, product reviews, guides on using your products etc. all help to achieve this goal. What Google doesn’t love is thin, keyword-crammed pages of copy that does exactly the opposite. Always write and compile content with your audience in mind. If you are struggling to rank for a specific keyword try targeting long-tail keywords that are less competitive instead.

2. Improve the speed of your WordPress site

A site that takes too long to load could discourage visitors from staying longer. On any website, user experience is everything! A slow site will have a bad effect on your page views and might even be behind your high bounce rate. It will unfortunately also influence your overall site performance and affect your ranking.

How to address your website’s speed:

Resize images: If your website has multiple images, check whether they have been correctly resized for the web.Double check plugins: Not all plugins are a must, and many are behind slow page loading speeds. Double check all your plugins, and install a good caching plugin to improve page loading. This may sound contradictory, but you’ll be glad you did.Upgrade your hosting package: Maybe your entry-level hosting package is the culprit? Check what your package entails and upgrade to a more appropriate one.

3. Invest in your site’s security (i.e. SSL Certificates)

With the level of cybersecurity risks on the World Wide Web, it has become essential to protect your visitors’ data by encrypting it. Google is so serious about security that in Chrome 68 all HTTP websites will be flagged with a Non Secure notification. With Google focussed on providing its users with safe, quality and authentic websites to browse, it is natural that Non-Secure websites will suffer in ranking too. An HTTPS certification is crucial.

Let Pixelden help you optimise your WordPress site so that it can function at its best. Our team of WordPress, content marketing and SEO specialists are here to help your company stand out and become thought-leaders in the industry.

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