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Is your website an asset or not?

A business website has never just been a craze; something companies invested in because it was trendy to do so. No, from the very get-go a website’s main purpose has been to become a comprehensive online asset.

Simply having a website, however, does not mean your website is automatically an asset to your business. By looking at the three primary goals your website should achieve, you can better evaluate whether your current site is working hard enough for your company, or if it should be doing more.

Goal #1: Your website needs to attract visitors. The beauty behind having a business website is that it creates a level playing field where companies big or small can sell their products or services to people anywhere in the country or even world. How many new and returning visitors are browsing your website every month? If the numbers are looking bleak, your website is not doing all it can for you.

Solution: Make your website visible by investing in SEO services that will enhance your website’s organic ranking on search engines such as Google & Bing.

Goal #2: Your website is your online brand ambassador. In business, appearances matter. Your products and services, your offices or store, your marketing efforts as well as your staff and their interaction with customers all have a direct effect on what your customers will think of your brand. The same applies to your website. As your brand’s online brand ambassador your site needs to reflect positively on your company.

How old is your website? Can it be viewed via other devices too i.e. mobile/tablet? Is it modern, nice to look at and user-friendly? Or is it out-dated, slow and a bit of an eyesore? How does your website compare to your competitors’? If you aren’t happy with the answers to these questions, chances are your website is not an asset to your business.

Solution: Let a web designer redesign your website to reflect your brand and the current design trends. Ensure that your site can be accessed via other devices and offers effortless navigation.

Goal #3: Your website should convert visitors into leads, and turn leads into customers. Web pages can be browsed any time, day or night, which means your site has the potential to become your hardest working and most effective sales tool. If your website attracts a lot of visitors but a small number of these turn into leads, it is perhaps not the asset it could be.

Solution: Add lead forms i.e. “Get a free quote”, “Subscribe to our newsletter” etc. on your website to capture leads or details for further correspondence. Also revise your website’s flow, call to actions and copy to ensure that the right message is coming through.

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