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Switch to Wordpress, here’s why you’ll be happy you did…

If your current website is extremely out-dated or a glorified brochure, it is perhaps time to switch over to Wordpress. Here’s why:

1. It is user-friendly

Maintaining your content is super simple with Wordpress. You simply copy and paste copy and upload images. It is especially useful for companies that have a strong content marketing strategy in place as copywriters, bloggers and vloggers can upload content quickly and easily.

2. It is responsive

With 75% of all SA’s web traffic coming from mobile devices, if your website is not viewable on mobile, it has a huge problem. Wordpress sites are automatically built to be responsive, so it doesn’t matter on what device (phone, tablet etc.) your page is viewed, it will display beautifully.

3. It is cost-effective

Creating a Wordpress site is free and hosting is minimal too. Wordpress unlocks a world of plugins and themes so your site can look as professional as you want it to look. A professional web designer can enhance the power of Wordpress even further by designing your website’s own “skin” and customising the experience as much as possible.

4. Google loves it!

Wordpress is super SEO-friendly because the content is well structured, making it easy to crawl and index and there are many updates involved. Also, due to its responsiveness, Google loves Wordpress even more.

5. It is the best of both worlds

When it comes to owning a website you have two options:

  1. Take out a website builder option and do it yourself.

  2. Pay a professional to do it for you.

The first option is easy on the pocket, especially for startups, and it allows you to manage it yourself. However, it rarely looks very professional and can be a nightmare for some. The second option can be stunning but might not fit into every startup’s budget. A Wordpress site meets you halfway.

Bring your website into the new age with a Wordpress site, professionally designed and customised by our Pixelden team. Contact us for a quote by filling out the form here.

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