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What Reviews & Testimonials Can Do For Your Business

It is no secret that your company competes against a few others for the same customers. And to secure a leading spot in this “race” you not only need a great product and an excellent approach to customer service but your entire business-to-consumer-experience must also be noteworthy. Why? Because word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising. Good or bad.

Reviews and testimonials are forms of word-of-mouth advertising and by including them on your website you will be able to:

1. Encourage trust

Potential customers are sceptical beings. Although the price of your product or service make up a good part of the decision-making process it is not the largest. Trust is. Positive reviews and testimonials encourage trust and could even create a sense of excitement from new customers to have a similar experience.

2. Build a reputation

When it comes to business the answer to Shakespeare’s question “What’s in a name?”, is short and sweet: Everything! If you are willing to walk the walk and not only talk it, reviews and testimonials are natural ways for you to build the reputation you are after.

3. Do damage control (if needed)

Happy and unhappy customers often feel the need to give your company the compliment or complaint it deserves. If you don’t have a platform for them, they will find one. Compliments are great no matter where they are on the internet but complaints are a nightmare to manage. If there is something to complain about, let your customers do it on your website. Here, you cannot only address the complaint but also show others that you right your wrongs.

4. Build your business

Do you know what your customers like or dislike the most of your company? If not, how will you be able to grow? Reviews and testimonials allow you to see what stands out most, which parts cause grievances and what aspect doesn’t gain any feeling whatsoever. In knowing the real truth you can continue the good work and work on the aspects of your business that needs some TLC. Furthermore, asking your customers for their feedback shows that customer service is important to your business, which is of course, good for business.

5. Improve your website ranking

The more relevant and unique content you have on your website, the better for your organic search engine ranking. Reviews and testimonials offer visitors more unique content on a specific product or service, which will make your website more relevant for these particular searches.

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