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Why every Google Adwords campaign needs a landing page

A Google Adword campaign is as targeted as it gets. Not only is your advert shown to the right person at exactly the right time but you also benefit from a potential customer that is in the right frame of mind.

A nappy brand can for example advertise their newborn nappies to a new mother without success. Why? Because even though she is the right target market at the right time of her life, she might not be in the right frame of mind to make a switch at that point in time.

Search advertising allows your brand to stand out when a customer is looking for you and therefore takes you several steps closer to closing the “sale”. All you need to do is to ensure that your ad delivers on its promise and navigates a potential customer to a page that answers all their questions instantly. How do you do that? Through a landing page.

A landing page is essential because:

1. It supports your business’ objectives

As explained above, a landing page is an extension of your ad. It allows you to further your goal. Whether it is marketing a new product or running a promotion, your landing page makes it easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for.

2. It helps increase conversions

An advertising campaign is only as effective as its conversions. Simply having multiple potential customers click on your ad does not mean it is an effective campaign. There needs to be a conversion. Visitors need to spend time on your site, fill out a form, try to contact you or make a purchase. A landing page can help you increase your number conversions. How? By making it easy to convert. By grouping your product or service’s unique selling points (USP) together and making it easy to communicate with you i.e. through an online form, quick-call option etc.

3. Boosts your Adword Quality Score

Every Adwords campaign receives an Adwords Quality Score based on an ad’s relevance to the page it links to. This score affects your cost per click (CPC). So if your Moroccan light promotion, for example, leads to your products page where various other lights are featured too, the “Moroccan light” keyword will compete with others and your CPC will be more expensive. If you however, create a separate landing page focussed on this promotion your CPC will be less.

At the end of the day a landing page helps to enhance the overall success of your Google Adwords campaign and should be seen as a complementing package.

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